I have always loved the Apostle Peter.  I have especially been impressed with his almost reckless faith.  When the Lord said “Come, follow me,” Peter dropped his fishing nets where he stood and immediately followed the Master, with no thought of how he would provide for himself or his family.  It was enough that the Master had commanded him to follow.  He obeyed.

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It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve put up a new post.  But Jamie left a comment on the “My Story” page, and my response got so long and involved, I thought it deserved its own post.  So Jamie, here are my thoughts:

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Hooray Technology!

So… as a result of paying Uncle Sam too much in taxes this year, I received an artificial windfall this month (see, it’s artificial because it was my money all along, and if I’d figured my taxes more precisely, I could have stuck the same amount in the bank and earned interest myself instead of donating it to government pork; whether I actually would have done so is a topic we will leave for another day).   Anyway, we got some extra money, and I’d been wanting to get one of these little Eee PCs for months.  So Mrs. Sweet relented, and I ordered it.

With the exception of the funky right shift key, I am extremely pleased with this ultra-portable little wonder.  It’s just the right size to pull out and use on the short bus ride to work (the ride is short, not the bus).  Does that mean I will be posting more frequently, since now I can type up my posts while I pontificate on the bus?  Well, theoretically it does.  Even with the annoying right shift key, it’s certainly easier to use than the Blackberry.  Of course, even the two or three regular readers I had seem to have dropped off as my blogging became very irregular.  So I don’t know that anybody will read this.  But I’m fairly certain I still have some things to say.  In any case, I know that I still struggle with  gender issues, so my “journey” is not over yet.  So here we go…

I made my first post on Jan. 11, 2008, exactly one year ago yesterday.  And now, exactly 1 year, 1 week, and 2 days after my first post, we will be inaugurating our first black president.  Coincidence?  I think not, and here’s why.  For something to be a “coincidence,” there has to be at least some apparent connection.  In this case, there is nothing that even has the least hint of a connection.  So I cannot take (blame/credit) for the election of Barack Obama, or really any other important event of the past year, such as the invention (finally) of the memristor.

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Elder David A. Bednar was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in October Conference of 2004, filling one of the two places vacated when Elders Neal A. Maxwell and David B. Haight passed away. Elder Bednar’s powerful and eloquent speaking style made him a favorite among Church members. And at the April 2005 Conference, Elder Bednar gave a talk titled “The Tender Mercies of the Lord,” that became an instant classic.

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So sometimes I have to go into work on Saturday to try to keep up with my hours. This is always a bummer, because I would much rather spend my Saturday with my family. But today was one of those Saturdays. And I was kind of down when I finally got off the bus at about 5:30 this afternoon. But in the approximately 5 minutes it takes me to drive from the bus stop to home, I was listening to NPR (yes, I actually have NPR as a preset on my radio—you have to know what the other side is thinking) and “A Prairie Home Companion” was on.

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This is a new feature on my blog I call “Proof that despite gender issues, and despite knowing, for example, a wedge from a pump, Sweetisthepeace is not, in fact, a woman.” I expect this to be a regular feature (meaning as likely as not, this is the only time you’ll see it).

1. Sweetisthepeace cannot wrap Christmas presents. At least not prettily.